söndag 24 februari 2008

Love & Rockets is going international

Love & Rockets just LOVE the english speaking community.
We also know that the swedish language can be a bit tricky sometimes.
Especially when the text is about an innovative club out of this world!
So here comes an invitation to you english speaking guys and girls too.




We invite you to the club of the year - Love & Rockets.

Friends, enemies, families, siblings and aunts! Forget all about pretentiousness, stuck up people and sour faces. We are going to make Luleå dance this spring! You will never forget Love & Rockets, we promise!

Seriously! It is about time that someone takes clubbing in this town to another level and into a new dimension. We are your new clubbing heroes and are excited as hell, are you? A club can be so much more than a shitty bar with a lame idiot standing at the door charging you for 100 kronor and only giving you Top Dance 95, commercial rnb or whining indie to listen too. Our prime focus is the party itself. Imagine balloons, fireworks and one hell of a party. Imagine a carnival and music that you cant stand just standing still too. Dinosaurs, explosions, banners and the best clubbing experience north of Madrid. Love & Rockets - the true definition of Greatness itself and the legend of the future. Are you on it?!

39 KRONOR FOR ONE BEER.Friday 7th of march at Färjan in Luleå.

Lots of Love and Rockets from your new favourites!

Ps. Invite as many as you wish, the more the merrier.

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